Art and Dialogue


We need your help to continue to expand and broaden our efforts in raising awareness creatively. Some of our funding comes directly from commissioned projects by clients, but funds are needed for our day-to-day operational and developmental costs. Like what? This website, for one, renting our office space, and creating ideas for new projects and programs that we can offer in the future. All of that costs money that isn’t covered by our client projects.

Inspired by what we do?

You can help by:

1. Making a tax-deductible donation today. Any amount helps us, from one dollar to one million. We are grateful for whatever you can afford.

2. Contacting us to collaborate with you on an installation in your community. Forwarding this website to everyone you know who is interested in what art can do.

3. Volunteering your time. Your help at our offices or at an event is always appreciated.

If you would like to make a creative, real impact on the environmental, health or social challenges facing our communities, please donate today. Thank you for your generous support!

“Thank you for the difference we will make.”

Avery Young, student, Milford Middle School